Getting Started with LESS

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LESS is a CSS pre-processor that enables customizable, manageable and reusable style sheet for website. LESS is a dynamic style sheet language that extends the capability of CSS. LESS is also cross browser friendly.

CSS Preprocessor is a scripting language that extends CSS and gets compiled into regular CSS syntax, so that it can be read by your web browser. It provides functionalities like variablesfunctionsmixins and operations that allow you to build dynamic CSS.


Let us now understand why do we use LESS.

  • LESS supports creating cleaner, cross-browser friendly CSS faster and easier.
  • LESS is designed in JavaScript and also created to be used in live, which compiles faster than other CSS pre-processors.
  • LESS keeps your code in modular way which is really important by making it readable and easily changeable.
  • Faster maintenance can be achieved by the use of LESS variables.

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